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The establishment of the Women and Children’s Program was born as interested persons were concerned that women could not take their children with them when entering substance abuse treatment unless they went out of the area. Some of the Judges had indicated that they would return a child or children, or delay terminating parental rights, if there was a Treatment Center for Women and Children in this area, particularly in the Polk County/Jasper County/Des Moines area.

Another factor associated with creation of the agency was the documented need for gender-specific treatment facilities. Women, single/divorced mothers with children face a truly difficult task in entering treatment and changing their lifestyle, entering a recovery process, and the monumental task that presents to unskilled, poorly educated women.

The primary goal of the Women and Children’s Program is to assist the women in entering a solid recovery process, attending parenting classes, learning job or training skills, improving her self-esteem, and slowly becoming able to deal with life on life’s terms. Many of our clients have all ready lost parental rights for one or more children, and are on the verge of losing more. A child can be a strong motivator with a women entering treatment and maintaining a strong recovery program after treatment.

Variable programming allows the Clearview Recovery, Inc. substantial flexibility with various lengths of stay in various levels of care. The Women’s Program offers many of the components of traditional treatment along with additional treatment segments geared specifically toward women and single mothers.

Family participation and regular, frequent attendance at 12-step groups during treatment make it much easier for the women to continue participation in 12-step programs after treatment.